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Victoria, B.C.
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Please read Birthing ~ moving beyond, into this world,
or Dying ~ moving beyond, out of this world
and then call 250-383-4065, or contact us via email,
for further information or to arrange a visit in the Victoria B.C. area.

Dying or seriously ill patients Visits can be arranged for patients at home, or in the hospital, hospice, or care facility in the Victoria area.Bedside Singing visits are generally 20-40 minutes although they may be shorter or longer, depending on the response of the patient.If the loved one is actively dying and/or not able to communicate easily, the visit will also include discussions with the family or caretakers to review their expectations of Bedside Singing, and the wishes of the loved one or their family.

A form acknowledging that the Bedside Singer has no responsibility for the medical response of the patient must be signed by someone who has the right to make decisions about the care of the loved one (themselves, medical guardian or family member, or caretakers).

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Birthing mothersA visit should be arranged before labour in order to ensure that the mother is comfortable with the Bedside Singer, and to clarify birthing style and options (for example, if a home birth needs to be moved to a hospital, due to complications).If at all possible, it is wise for the Bedside Singer to meet with the birth midwife, doula and/or birth-coach as well before the birth as the singer will need to adjust to their practices as well: and if there is no birth-coach available, the birth midwife may need to reply on the singer for non-singing support.

A form acknowledging that the Bedside Singer has no responsibility for the medical response of the patient must be signed by the mother.

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Fees/ExpensesIt is our wish to keep this service available to anyone who would find it useful in their own life-passage.Therefore, there is no charge for the Bedside Singing service although it may require that the family/etc. cover travel expenses.The Bedside Singer will clarify what those expenses would be before actualy visiting. Of course, donations towards continuing the work are always welcome.

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